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Upskilled Pilates Instructor

After teaching Pilates for approximately 15 years, the B3 courses and workshops added a valuable layer to my knowledge and opened up my eyes to a new way of thinking. It has complemented my pre-existing work with my clients and enabled my clients to achieve their goals a lot faster. The courses and workshops are […]

Back Injury Maintenance

After suffering a serious back injury 9 years ago (ruptured disc) Imet Simone and she helped me with my healing journey. I had no hopefrom any doctors and was told by many neurosurgeons that I had to beoperated on. Thanks to regular 3B sessions, I soon found myself pain freeand even ran the 10k gun run […]

Pain Relief

“I can undoubtedly recommend 3B bodywork to anyone who has ever suffered or is suffering from body aches and/or muscle pain.  I discovered Brain Body Balance through a friend who is an athlete; she recommended that I seek treatment for a severe shoulder blade pain that was beginning to affect my breathing and gave me […]

Chronic Back Pain Relief

“I went for a session with Jani just before a long-haul flight to London. I knew I had to do something about my back. 11 hours of sitting down awaited me.  I am a bit conflicted to write this review because if I make it sound too good, people might suspect that it’s fake, but […]

Increased Mobility

“Having struggled with spondylolosthesis and a recent CSF leakage after being bed ridden for 3 weeks, I was anxious about the state of my body pain and immobility. I had my first 3B session and was amazed by the results. The concept of treating the body as a whole interconnected system with gentle techniques seemed […]

Pinched Nerve Relief

“For many years, I had been suffering from a pinched nerve that caused me excruciating pain from in lower back and shooting pain down my hip to my knee. I began to accept to live with it, feeling there was not much that could be done – especially as I am 73yrs old. I was […]


What are the possible immediate effects of a B³ session? The most common, immediate effects that can be felt from a B³ session are: A reduction or relief of pain. A release of tension from muscles A feeling of lightness Improved mobility of joints When the superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue are released […]

Courses & Workshops

Courses are regularly scheduled to take place in London, Berlin and Bangkok.

B3 Association South Africa

B3ASA aims to provide a framework for qualified B3 graduates to be recognised as credible practitioners.

B³ Activation Course

Next B³ Activation Course in Cape Town Fri, Sat & Sun 10th,11th & 12 January 2020.