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B³ Advanced Course

Next Advanced Course in Cape Town from 8-10 March 2019.

What is B³?

B³ (Brain – Body – Balance) is a form of Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT). The technique is informed by related disciplines such as: Myofascial Release, Bodywork, Body Alignment and Trigger Point Therapy.

B3 Application

The Brain-Body-Balance technique can be applied to people of all ages and physiques. It is ideal for people who are subjected to repetitive strain, have a bad posture, or experience pain and muscle tension.  It is also recommended for individuals who would simply like to maintain their general well-being. There are multiple factors that can […]

Case Study: Chronic back pain

I came across the B3 method during my quest to find relief from my incessant back pain. Presumably, the pain developed due to my work as an author, spending long stretches of time in a seated position. I enjoy a variety of sport that helps me achieve balance from my sedentary routine. Particularly, I enjoy […]

Case Study: Long-term effects

In acute cases, B3 helps me immediately; but it also changes my bad habits which assist me in the long-term and teach me to be more conscientious of my posture and patterns of movement. If you have been pulsed the B3 way, you won’t want it any other way. Years of recurring blockages in the […]


B3 Sea Point & Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town Contact: Luciana PierangeliAddress: 54 Regent Road, Studio 2, Sea PointHouse calls: Atlantic SeaboardMobile: +27 (0)72 232 6286E-mail: B3 Table View, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Cape Town Contact: Linda SittigAddress: Table View, Stellenbosch, Somerset West Cape Town Mobile: +27 (0)82 806 0967E-mail: B3 Pinelands & Sea Point, Cape Town Contact: […]

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Qualified B³ practitioners are now operating in Cape Town, Berlin and London.

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Myofascial Pain & Signal Points

In the practice of B³, we refer to muscle tension and ‘knots’ in the muscles as myofascial pain, i.e. a myofascial blockage.