B3 Association South Africa

The B3 Association of South Africa was officially formed on the 5th of June 2014.

B3ASA aims to provide a framework for qualified B3 graduates to be recognised as credible practitioners. Members may practice under the B3 brand/banner and also benefit from the association as a governing body and network.

It is the vision of the Association to build the reputation and value of the B3 Theory and its application techniques as well as to expand its practice and recognition internationally.

A Member must be a certified B3 practitioner/graduate who has successfully completed either the Activation and the Advanced courses, or both.
(1) All members have have voting rights
(2) May become part of the Executive Committee
(3) May vote at any meeting they attend;

The annual Membership fee will be communicated to members by the 30th of June of each year. Membership fee is calculated anew each year and may be annually increased, within reason.

Member benefits include:

  • Member listing on the B3 website, i.e. official affiliation to the association and profiling on the directory of the official B3 SA website (optional);
  • Provision of print-ready B3 business cards;
  • Use of B3 branded material/artwork
  • Up to x2 Workshops per annum
  • Exclusive referrals from fellowB3 Members
  • Access to the B3 Facilities
  • The Member may refer to themselves in a professional profiling context as: B3 practitioners, B3 Students/Graduates and Members of the B3 Association;
  • Use of the logo within a professional capacity, e.g. Letterheads, invoices, flyers, etc.

Contact B3 to enquire about upcoming courses.