Back Injury Maintenance

After suffering a serious back injury 9 years ago (ruptured disc) I
met Simone and she helped me with my healing journey. I had no hope
from any doctors and was told by many neurosurgeons that I had to be
operated on. Thanks to regular 3B sessions, I soon found myself pain free
and even ran the 10k gun run with ease.

I believed so much in this therapy I decided to do the course.
Because I have a background in massage and fitness, I thought it
was a no-brainer to study a technique I believe so much in. The course
was very interesting and I learnt so much in the Activation and
Advanced course. It was fun and kept me very enthusiastic about
adopting this practice into the bodywork practice I was already doing.
I feel that anyone should and can learn the technique even if they don’t
want to practice it as a job. It teaches you a lot about the
relationship you have with your body and the communication between all
the systems in the body – so you become more mindful and connected to
understanding your body.

I still do regular 3B sessions as my back injury maintenance
and I will continue to do it for as long as I can.”  – Stacey Roberts, Massage Therapist