B³ Activation Course

>> Course overview

The B³ Activation Course introduces students to the fundamentals of the B³ Theory & Technique and provides basic, foundational knowledge of human anatomy.

The course is presented in a series of workshop sessions, and students will be given course material to study prior to and after each lecture.

By the end of the Activation Course, students will be able to functionally apply the major B³ signals within a personal capacity, e.g. applying the technique in a non-professional and noncommercial capacity.

After completing the Activation Course, students will be eligible to complete the Advanced Course which entails more specific application, includes signal points of the extremities and working on myofascial train patterns.

>> Course overview and learning outcomes

  • B³ Theory
  • Understanding Myofascia, B³ Signal Points & Brain- Body Feedback Mechanism
  • B³ Signal Pulse
  • Anatomical Navigation – includes theoretical learning as well as practical sessions
  • covering major muscle groups and related signal points
  • Kinesiology and using a pendulum for muscle testing
  • Study factors that cause and perpetuate myofascial blockages
  • Client Assessment, Ethics and Management
  • Case Studies

This course focuses on the practical application of the B³ Technique and therefore requires self-study of Anatomy and B³ Theory Modules.

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