Case Study: Chronic back pain

I came across the B3 method during my quest to find relief from my incessant back pain. Presumably, the pain developed due to my work as an author, spending long stretches of time in a seated position. I enjoy a variety of sport that helps me achieve balance from my sedentary routine. Particularly, I enjoy Badminton: one the one hand it is wonderful yet on the other hand it can be physically demanding and taxing.

My first B3 session was a great success. Usually, I experienced pain around my entire lumbar region but this had dissipated. I remember it clearly as I rode home on my bicycle and felt an unforseen sense of ease in my back and I started singing out loud. Since then, I enjoy a B3 session at regular intervals. My back feels looser and I no longer suffer from back ache. To my delight, I am also experiencing the benefits during exercise as I have become more agile.

Boris Pfeiffer