Chronic Back Pain Relief

“I went for a session with Jani just before a long-haul flight to London. I knew I had to do something about my back. 11 hours of sitting down awaited me. 

I am a bit conflicted to write this review because if I make it sound too good, people might suspect that it’s fake, but really, it’s the truth. The treatment was exactly for people like me, with a lack of blood flow in the back, twitching muscles, chronic pain. As Jani worked on me I felt an amazing sudden release of blood finding it’s way around my body, and have felt better ever since. It’s the best treatment I’ve ever had for my back, and I’ve been to physio’s, chiropractors, sports masseuses, acupuncturists – the whole works. I am trying to find a similar treatment in London at the moment, but it’s so pricy over here. 
– Luke Killian