What are the possible immediate effects of a B³ session?

The most common, immediate effects that can be felt from a B³ session are:

  • A reduction or relief of pain.
  • A release of tension from muscles
  • A feeling of lightness
  • Improved mobility of joints

When the superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue are released it allows the myofascia to re-set. This can give a huge feeling of relief to the client as well as increased blood flow and sensation to the affected area.

What are the expected effects 24-48 hours after B³ session?

Immediate pain relief is the primary effect of a B³ session. This may be mechanically linked to pressure and tension release from touch sensitive structures, receptors and nerves. The straightening of a distorted posture may also offer relief. Muscle spasm and tension can be instantly released to help restore muscle tone. Side effects may include

  • A feeling of lightness, less stiffness and feeling more aligned
  • Increased circulation and blood flow to affected areas causing a sensation of heaviness,
  • Increased neural conduction causing a tingling, light feeling to extremities
  • Increased sensation, symptoms and sensitivity
  • Temporary stiffness: muscles that have been in spasm will experience tissue healing and inflammation once released. When deeper muscle tissue releases and heals the superficial muscles often tighten to restrict mobility for deeper tissue to maximize healing effect.
  • Fatigue: during the healing process energy is diverted to tissue healing so the body may experience a strong need to sleep to maximize the healing situation.

How many sessions will I need?

Most clients get relief within three to five B³ sessions, or at least find a shift in their symptoms. If you cannot achieve relief by using B³ techniques, the origin of pain may be due to something other than neuro-muscular or myofascial conditions. Your practitioner will refer you to a medical specialist in order to get a clear diagnosis. X-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic tests can identify conditions that may cause pain such as: joint damage, torn tendons or ligaments, or stress fractures.

How long does a B³ session take?

The duration of a B³ session will vary per client. Typically, a session can last between 30-60 minutes.

What are the long term effect of B³sessions?

If pain, injury and stress have been chronic, then it may take a series of sessions to progressively release layers of blocked myofascia and reduce nerve compression. Chronic tension is often only reset when deeper stabilising muscles are eventually reset. It makes sense that an immediate release of chronic tension may be too big a change and dramatic for the body to find a new equilibrium. For this reason the body releases long term stress in phases.

Physical changes are often accompanied by emotional shifts with signs including moodiness, tearfulness and heightened emotions during the phase of physical release.

In chronic pain conditions, the healing becomes a process of release and adaptation, not necessarily an instant occurrence.

Nerves reach level of threshold that is called firing point. If a nerve is constantly under pressure it can reach irritability and firing point. B³ facilitates the release of myofascial pressure and therefore reduces nerve irritation below firing point. At this time of healing it is crucial to reduce activities and challenges that might flare the nerve up again. Once the firing point has been reset the nerve is less likely to flare up again.

Is B³ safe?

The B³ technique is very safe hands-on, soft tissue technique with very little harm that can be done due to the gentle, light, hands-on application. Should the practitioner apply an inaccurate stimulus, it would merely be ineffective and the myofascia would stay tight and not release tension. Should the practitioner try to override or force too much pressure on the muscle, the body’s natural protective mechanism would kick in and resist the stimulus.

Clients who report pain in any body part with any of the following symptoms are immediately referred to a doctor to rule out serious conditions:

  • If pain is severe, with a sudden onset, or starts with a traumatic injury and if a noise was heard when that injury occurred
  • Acute pain has lasted more than 2 weeks
  • The intensity of pain increases over time
  • Pain that is accompanied by heat, strong swelling, strange sensation or discoloration

Is it like a massage?

B³ is not a massage. Clients remain fully clothed and may be treated in a pace-down, face-up, sideline or standing position. In terms of muscle strain release you may experience relief similar to that of a deep tissue massage. Refer to B³ in Practice to learn more about the technique and how it is applied.