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Upskilled Pilates Instructor

After teaching Pilates for approximately 15 years, the B3 courses and workshops added a valuable layer to my knowledge and opened up my eyes to a new way of thinking. It has complemented my pre-existing work with my clients and enabled my clients to achieve their goals a lot faster. The courses and workshops are […]

Back Injury Maintenance

After suffering a serious back injury 9 years ago (ruptured disc) Imet Simone and she helped me with my healing journey. I had no hopefrom any doctors and was told by many neurosurgeons that I had to beoperated on. Thanks to regular 3B sessions, I soon found myself pain freeand even ran the 10k gun run […]

Pain Relief

“I can undoubtedly recommend 3B bodywork to anyone who has ever suffered or is suffering from body aches and/or muscle pain.  I discovered Brain Body Balance through a friend who is an athlete; she recommended that I seek treatment for a severe shoulder blade pain that was beginning to affect my breathing and gave me […]

Chronic Back Pain Relief

“I went for a session with Jani just before a long-haul flight to London. I knew I had to do something about my back. 11 hours of sitting down awaited me.  I am a bit conflicted to write this review because if I make it sound too good, people might suspect that it’s fake, but […]

Increased Mobility

“Having struggled with spondylolosthesis and a recent CSF leakage after being bed ridden for 3 weeks, I was anxious about the state of my body pain and immobility. I had my first 3B session and was amazed by the results. The concept of treating the body as a whole interconnected system with gentle techniques seemed […]

Pinched Nerve Relief

“For many years, I had been suffering from a pinched nerve that caused me excruciating pain from in lower back and shooting pain down my hip to my knee. I began to accept to live with it, feeling there was not much that could be done – especially as I am 73yrs old. I was […]

Case Study: Chronic back pain

I came across the B3 method during my quest to find relief from my incessant back pain. Presumably, the pain developed due to my work as an author, spending long stretches of time in a seated position. I enjoy a variety of sport that helps me achieve balance from my sedentary routine. Particularly, I enjoy […]